Motor Vehicle Insurance

Hero Motor Vehicle Insurance

We Provide Two Types of Motor Vehicle Insurance


Comprehensive provides complete protection for your car against damage (collision, impact, overturning, slipping, falling, evil deeds), car theft, to fire.

Total Loss Only (TLO)

TLO provides protection for your car due to theft or damage where the repair cost is equal to or more than 75% of the price of the car.

Advantages of MTWI's Motor Vehicle Insurance

Replacement Car

Provides replacement car while vehicle is being repaired at workshop (maximum 5 calendar days).

Authorized Workshop

Car repair in authorized workshops.

Types of Vehicles That Can Be Insured

Only applies to private vehicles (not for lease/rental or public transport) such as Sedan, Minibus, Station Wagon, Jeep, Long Jeep.

How Long is the Coverage Period for Motor Vehicle Insurance?

The period of coverage for Motor Vehicle Insurance is one year.

How to Determine the Total Sum Insured?

The price of insurance coverage, insurance premiums, and/or insurance claims based on currency written in the insurance policy summary.

Additional Coverage for Motor Vehicle Insurance

Protection for your vehicle can also be extended with additional coverage for loss and or damage due to:

Strikes, unrest, riots, acts of terrorism, and sabotage.

Natural disasters.

Third Party Liability.

Personal Accident coverage for passengers and drivers.

Medical expenses due to accidents for passengers and drivers.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle insurance will protect you from financial losses if your vehicle is in an accident. Simply by paying the agreed premium, MTWI will protect your car from unexpected losses. Get the convenience and benefits in a transparent way that you can feel. Protection will be provided during the period of the insurance policy with the applicable conditions.