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Hero Premiums Payment

Premium Payment Method

An insurance claim is a customer's effort to get compensation from an insurance company against a risk that occurs such as an accident or theft on an insured car. When you want to claim insurance, the first action that must be taken in the event of a loss due to an accident is to report it to Malacca insurance within a maximum period of 5 calendar days from the time the accident occurred.

Insurance premium is the amount of money that must be paid by the Insured (Customer) as a condition of the Insurer's responsibility for insurance coverage based on the policy.

Repayment of insurance premium payments can be made within a grace period of 14 calendar days starting from the policy effective date.

MTWI does not accept premium payments in cash. Malacca Insurance Premium Payments can be made via:

  • Payment by Debit Card/Credit Card.
  • Payment via ATM Bersama.
  • Payment via BCA internet banking and transfer to MTWI's bank account listed on your policy
  • Payment via DOKU electronic wallet.

To ensure that the coverage in the policy remains valid, make sure you have paid the insurance premium according to the provisions in the policy and confirmed your premium payment via the Malacca Call Center at +6221 25 9898 35.

For the registration process, you can visit the nearest office, and we will immediately assist your needs.

In addition, you can also ask questions about insurance products via our Agents or Brokers.