The most complete insurance products in Indonesia.


The most complete insurance products in Indonesia.

Products of Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance

As the best insurance company in Indonesia, PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance provides a wide range of general insurance products complete to meet needs of businesses and individuals in Indonesia, which consists of:

Car Insurance

The best solution to protect your favorite car from unexpected risks that cause losses. Malacca Trust provide comprehensive protection (all risk) with customizable options for your car protection needs.

Property Insurance

Provides complete protection for your home or office building and its contents from any kind of risk of loss such as theft, robbery and many more of your business operations and your residence.

Cargo Insurance

The best solution for you the owner of the goods either individual or corporation who require the protection of the transport of goods insured until your goods arrive safely to the hands of the consignee.

Travel Insurance

Protecting you and your family during family travel or business travel whether domestic travel and/or overseas trip, all best protected by Malacca Trust Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance

Individual policy that guarantees financial support as a result of accidents and unexpected risks for smooth administrative management.

Health Insurance

Individual policy that provides complete protection for you and your family, inpatient hospital cost cover because of an accident or not an accident.

PT Malacca Trust Insurance Wuwungan provide comfort and the best convenience.