Travel Insurance

Protect your domestic and international trip

Travel Insurance

Protect your domestic and international trip


Malacca Trust travel insurance is the right choice to protect you during the trip, both domestic and overseas from unexpected risks that could harm you.

Protection is always given for a period of insurance policies directly to the insured for individual and group.

 Coverage during the travel:

  1. Personal Accident
  2. Medical Expense, Dental, etc
  3. Body Repatriation
  4. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  5. Baggage and Personal Belonging
  6. Travel Document Loss
  7. Baggage Delay
  8. Personal Legal Responsibilities
  9. Travel Delay
  10. Cancellation
  11. Travel Reduction
  12. Flight Interruption/Connection Flight Delay

Travel Insurance Malacca Trust

 Coverage Travel Insurance Term:

  1. Agency agreement is at least 12 calendar months
  2. Insurance term is at least 31 calendar days
  3. The starting and ending term is at 12 p.m on the date stipulated in the summary.

 Premium Rate:

  1. Domestic
  2. Asia
  3. Non-Asia

If you and your family want to travel abroad while you do not have travel insurance online, then malacca EZ is the solution. Get a variety of conveniences such as payment of premium and claim travel insurance on your mobile device.

Travel Insurance Statement: Download PDF


For further information please contact :

Malacca Care Center 

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