Travel Insurance

Hero Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Coverage

Personal accident

The cost of medical care, dental care and other

Repatriation of the body

Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

Luggage and personal property

Baggage delay

Lost travel documents

Personal legal liability

Travel delay

Travel cancellation

Travel reduction

Flight discontinuity/delay in connecting flights

Travel Insurance Coverage Period

The agency agreement is a maximum of 12 calendar months

Term insurance is a maximum of 31 calendar days

Start and end is at 12 noon on both dates listed in the insurance policy

How To Determine The Cost of The Premium Travel Insurance?

The cost of the premium is determined by the length of the trip, the purpose of the trip, and the number of people insured. This travel insurance covers Domestic (Indonesia) and Overseas areas except for the USA, Canada, China, Penang Malaysia, and countries at risk of war. If you and your family want to travel abroad but do not have travel insurance, you can register directly by visiting the Malacca Trust Insurance office which is located at Chase Plaza, 8th Floor, Jl. General Sudirman Kav. 21, Jakarta. Or through our Customer Service Malacca Care Center at +6221 2598 9835
Travel Insurance - Malacca Trust Insurance

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones with Personal Accident Insurance. MTWI's Personal Accident Insurance protects you from accidents and risks that are directly detrimental, such as violence, both physical and chemical, that occurs suddenly, unwanted or planned, resulting in bodily injury. Coverage will be provided for the duration of the insurance policy except for certain risks stated in the exclusion.