[TIPS] - Elections of Governor and Vice Governor will be held simultaneously soon, precisely in 2017. Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia is center-spotlighted on the event of people’s democratic party.

The agenda that accompanies every election event is the campaign activities of the candidates. One type of campaigns often held is mobilization of supporters. This condition may trigger potential traffic jam caused by convoy participants who fulfill the road and blocking other road users. Riot could be another adverse effect that is potentially happen.

In addition to adverse effects of the campaign, there are a number of riots that could occur on the streets. Unrest could occur as a result of demonstrations, student brawls, terrorism, or natural disasters. Spooky!

This condition is of course a very disturbing and troubling you and other pedestrians as car users. In addition to personal safety, the safety of your car is threatened. Well, consider safety tips that can be done to avoid rioting in the streets.

Car Insurance 
To prevent anything undesirable happening to your car, immediately protect your beloved vehicle with car insurance. Choose the best car insurance are ready to protect your vehicle against damage due to collision, overturned, slip, fall, evil, theft, fire, disasters, strikes, riots, civil commotion, terrorism, and sabotage.

Use Toll Road 
Wherever possible, hard try to use toll roads. Why? Sure, because the mass activities are usually held on roads. So, avoid it.

Let the Entourage Lead 
If suddenly a convoy of campaign participants approaching you from behind, immediately slow down your car speed and step aside. Let them pass you. Do not just take advantage of the conditions to join the convoy, simply because in order to participate breaking through the traffic signs. No!

Avoid Specific Attributes 
For your comfort and security, just avoid using all the attributes of certain groups involved in the campaign, such as shirts, hats, scarves, stickers, or small flags. Using of the attributes it clearly illustrate that you stand on the groups side. It would be risky for you as they passed by each other.

Find Safe Parking Spots 
If you want to park your car, as much as possible avoid parking the car in a side of street. You should look for a safe parking area as located in the inside of parking slot.

Depart Early 
Try to leave earlier than usual. It is important to give more space or time in looking for alternatives road. Of course, to avoid the routes that is traversed by campaign convoy. You have just avoided a potential riot, without worrying too late to the destination.