In this instant era that demands people to move quickly, including moving from one place to another, this triggers people to have comfortable and adequate means of transportation, such as cars. This vehicle has become the main means of transportation in Indonesia for various needs for the reason that daily needs are more practical and safer.

Unfortunately, the price of this vehicle is increasingly soaring, forcing the public to fulfill their needs, including buying cars of low quality. This, of course, is not what people expect, having a dream car which means the model is as desired, good quality and tested but at a low price is a qualification before making a purchase.

But don't worry, you can work around this by looking for a second (used) car, but the quality is still okay, and even more so with vehicle insurance. Well, the trick is as follows:

1. Buy it from a trusted place

If you want to buy a used car, pay attention to where you bought it. Don't buy anywhere. Especially in places of sale that are illegal and unofficial. Buy it at a place of sale that already has a brand and can be trusted. The good thing is, this official place doesn't just supply cars for sale even if it's used. Usually they supply from large car manufacturers.

2. Do Engine Performance Check

This is the most important part of the process of buying a used car, namely checking the performance of the engine that must be observed and should not be missed. To check the condition of the machine requires qualified technical skills. If you don't know about the technical world then you should ask someone who understands the technical world to check it out.

Start the car engine and pay attention to the sound of the engine running. A good sounding engine is one that sounds smooth and not harsh. If a car with a louder sound than a normal car is usually a flooded car. Cars that are still good also have the characteristics of being easy to start. After starting the machine try to do a test drive. Try to shift gears, make sure that this gear shift goes smoothly. To carry out this series of test drive processes, you should do it with the seller so that the seller also knows the condition of the car.

3. Do a Body Condition Check

After you check the engine performance, then check the condition of the car body. Are there scratches or damage on the car body, what about the condition of the paint, is it still smooth or rough? Also pay attention to the lights, whether there are any that are broken and can light up properly, or even the lights are no longer on. And don't forget to check the tires too, ask for the originality of the car body, has it been replaced or not, for further checking maybe you can try to go under the car to see if the iron is rusty and porous.

4. Check the Condition of Accessories and Condition of Car Interior

Then you can check the accessories and conditions inside the car. The components that you need to pay attention to include the dashboard, adjust the air conditioner, carpet, and pay attention to the quality of the seats and ceilings and don't forget to make sure the audio facilities are on and there are no problems. Other components that you must also pay attention to are the condition of the wipers and the condition of opening and closing the car doors and also try to check the lighting, be it turn signals, hazard lights, headlights, and brake lights.

5. Check the Completeness of the Documents

After checking the car, now you have to check the completeness of the vehicle documents starting from the STNK, BPKB, and other documents. In this check you have to be serious because this is a crucial thing that you must pay attention to when buying a car so you will avoid cheating by irresponsible people such as falsifying documents. Also make sure that the car you are going to buy has a BPKB and STNK with the owner's real name. With the original and complete BPKB and STNK, it will be easier for you to change your name and other administrative matters.

6. Do a Physical Check

To be more sure, there's nothing wrong with doing a physical check at the Samsat office. But of course you can do this physical check process after getting permission from the owner or car seller. With this physical check, you will be able to make sure the data and information listed on the BPKB and STNK documents match what is actually on the car.

7. Pay Attention to Insurance

This last tip you need to pay attention to the insurance that is on the car. That way you will benefit. For the issue of the name of the insurance owner, you can transfer it through the name transfer process to the insurance company that guarantees the vehicle you want to buy.

If the car you want to buy is not registered with insurance then you should register it immediately. Confused where to register? PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance only. There are many choices of products that you can choose to protect your car, and one that you can choose, yes, the Best Car Insurance.