[TIPS] - Certainly sad if any disaster happens and hit your car, such as an accident, a victim of theft, fire, or damage due to trapped unrest and riots. Fortunately, your car is already equipped with car insurance. 
But the hope of security sense and replacement of a number of your loss by the insurance company suddenly vanished when you realize that your car insurance claim denied or rejected by the insurance company. 
Why your car insurance claim is rejected? Let’s take a look the reasons and conditions that led to following your car insurance claim is rejected:

Claim Too Late 
Make sure you know the rules of your insurance company's deadline for filing a car insurance claim after the event of an accident or theft. Usually the time limit is a maximum of 48 hours after the accident. But there are also up to 72 hours. If you exceed the time limit, of course your claim could be denied.

Things you also need to consider is should not force to run your car in poor condition after the accident. Why? The potential of damage could be more severe. This could be the reason your claim is rejected.

Self Repair After Accident 
After an accident, immediately contact the insurance company for the maintenance of the claim submissions. Representatives of the insurance company will soon come to conduct an examination of the extent of damage that occurred, estimate the magnitude of costs resulting from the damage, to help get the service for being repaired.

Before reporting, you do not need to take the initiative to fix it yourself, even calling the service workshop you have known. Hold on. This is important because if the repairs have been done, then the insurance company will feel unable to trace the chronology of events of accidents and damage. This is the reason for rejecting the filing of your claim.

Having No Driving License 
Make sure that you and also your car driver equipped with a valid and legitimate driving license when the event of accident. It can be ascertained if this requirement cannot be met then filing a car insurance claim will be rejected. In addition to the incomplete of license/ID, a condition of car driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol will cause the rejection of insurance claims.

Policy For Used Cars 
So what will happen to used cars? If you buy a used car that is fully equipped with car insurance, immediately change the name on a copy of the insurance policy, from the old owner to be your name. This is very important because the insurance company will reject the claim by the name of different ownership. As a practical matter, after the used car becomes yours, you can buy new car insurance.

Rule Violation 
Note also not to violate a number of general rules of driving and traffic, such as breaking signs, speeding, running in violation of directions, carry the number of passengers exceeds the capacity of car seat, and parking in a restricted area. This, if done before the accident or theft for indiscriminate parking violation, then the claim may be rejected.

Commercial Oriented 
If the insurance company knowing the fact that you have changed your personal car to be a passenger car or commercial oriented, then our car insurance claim will be rejected.