In this fast-paced era, it forces people to move quickly and precisely, including travel. Unfortunately, this actually attracts or even diverts people's focus that safety in traveling anywhere is very important.

Working quickly and precisely seems to have become the main requirement for work which actually overrides personal safety and security. This is where self-insurance comes from which can help you with matters of personal safety and your vehicle starts moving.

Today, there are many of the best insurance companies in Indonesia which have continued to develop since the 1980s. However, only some of these insurance companies provide guarantees for personal and vehicle safety, namely motor vehicle insurance. But as time goes by, more and more insurance companies provide coverage against accidents that happen to themselves as well as vehicles, such as Malacca Insurance, Axa, ACA, ACE, Alianz, and many more.

Almost all insurance companies that dare to guarantee personal and vehicle safety provide the same benefits, namely covering the risk of damage caused by unexpected losses such as collisions, theft, and other accidents, losses caused by natural disasters, or even theft and sabotage. The problem is that each insurance company in Indonesia has their own way of making insurance claims.

It is from the differences in the claim method that customers often complain. It is often found in cases of insurance claims being responded to too slowly or even complicated insurance claims or too many requirements while the conditions are precarious.

The good news is, the times have also made it easier for you to use the services of a Malacca Trust Insurance Company. You are given convenience in claiming insurance services, especially vehicle insurance, by accessing the Malacca EZ application, which is available on the Android Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. In addition to the convenience of claiming insurance, you are also given the convenience of buying vehicle insurance as well as choosing the additional protection needed. It doesn't stop there, at Malacca EZ you also get interesting features such as attractive promos and other public facilities.

So, are you more sure that you will not choose which vehicle insurance is best for you? Get smart tips on choosing car insurance here!