If your car has high mobility and often passes through uneven roads, perhaps the symptoms you have experienced are the steering wheel is a bit heavy to the left or right, or the steering wheel feels vibrating at a certain speed, it is one of the signs that your car needs to be moved. spooring and balancing. 

Spooring is an alignment or process on a car to realign the position of the four wheels of the car as before, according to the factory settings. Usually the two front wheels will be straightened and adjusted to return to normal. While balancing is an adjustment or effort to maintain balance at the top, bottom or left and right points of the wheel by adding lead to the missing part. Usually this is done after changing tires or wheels, and if the kilometers have reached the limit for balancing.  

Signs a car needs spooring:  
1. The steering wheel vibrates at a certain speed, because the front wheels are directly related to the steering mechanism. 
2. The car seems to be turning on its own even though it is moving straight ahead, or is always moving in a certain direction, it means that your car has received these symptoms. 
3. When the steering wheel control when turned does not want to turn back to its original position when released. This is also a symptom. 
4. Other symptoms, if the car you are driving seems to be tilting, this is a sign that the car has had a serious problem with balance. 
5. The tire surface is uneven or worn, it can be in one or both. 
6. When used for parking, even though it is parked in a flat and straight place, the wheels are tilted. 
7. The rear tire is not aligned with the rear. How to find out, by looking at it from behind by taking a few meters away. 
8.  Observe the rear car tires, are they shifted and not precise from their original places?


The signs above occur because the wheels of the car, especially the front which is a non-fixed component, shift or change so that they cannot tread perfectly. One of the settings that change occurs in components such as the toe angle and chamber. If the toe and chamber angles are more than or less than the normal number, it can cause the tires to wear out on the inside or on the outside only. 

The spooring step serves to restore the wheel settings to return to the numbers according to the manufacturer's standards. So the spooring tool has a data base on the settings of the legs of almost all cars that have been produced and based on that data the condition of the settings on the legs of the car is returned. While the balancing step is an effort to maintain the balance limit at the top-bottom or left-right points on each wheel. Usually, the balancing step is done before spooring.

It is recommended that the spooring and balancing process be carried out periodically for a maximum of 20 thousand Km, but if the route that is often passed by the road is damaged, it should be faster, which is every 10 thousand Km. This maintenance step is nothing but to maintain safety and comfort when driving with family. If balancing is done by removing the wheel and detecting it in the balancing tool, a newer technology is currently emerging to perfect it, namely finish balance. 

Finish balance is rebalancing, but when the wheels are attached to the vehicle, it is more precise because the tires are installed and the tires are rotated at high speed. This simulates the wheel turning when the car is running at high speed, but it must also be ensured that you have done the balancing first, then the tire tread (groove) is at least 75% and the condition of the car's legs (eg axle) is in good health so that it is not useless to finish balance.

Cost / Price Spooring Balancing Car Tires  
Because of ignorance, not a few people are lazy to do spooring and balancing car tires because they are worried that the price is quite expensive. In fact, the price of spooring and balancing car tires is not too expensive compared to servicing other car parts. Generally, repair shops set the price for spooring balancing car tires at around 100 to 250 thousand rupiah for a set of workmanship.

Preventive measures so that the car avoids unsteady symptoms:

Do spooring and balancing regularly. Because each car product has a different system and technology in the suspension. 
If you want to rotate tires, tire rotation must be done correctly and regularly will provide uniform wear for all tires in your car. For four-wheel drive cars, it is recommended to rotate tires every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometers (source: Goodyear Indonesia). 
Install the wheel following the turning directions printed on the tire skin and apply the appropriate air pressure according to the manufacturer's manual. 
Before starting the spooring and balancing repairs, check all the conditions of the tires and wheels, checking the suspension section, the relationship at each connection of the legs, the condition of the chassis and the vehicle body. 
To get maximum spooring and balancing results, make sure that the workshop you visit has standard equipment and is in accordance with the character of your car. 
Avoid replacing tires with used tires, even though they are cheap and have a high risk to safety. 
If you experience a punctured or broken tire on the road, use a spare tire that has the same size as the original tire. If the available spare tire is different or smaller, use this tire only for emergency purposes until the original tire can be repaired.

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