Homecoming has become a tradition for most people in Indonesia when the holy month of Ramadan is almost over to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with loved ones. In fact, going home is not only done outside the city, but also abroad. Spending a long time on a trip has become a common thing experienced by travelers.

Unfortunately, with all the risks involved during the trip, many travelers are unprepared to force themselves to travel. In fact, these risks can occur at any time unexpectedly like the news we often get. Travel insurance is the right choice to prepare yourself for various travel risks during your homecoming.

Why travel insurance is the right choice?

1. Funds for your accident risk are guaranteed

The risk of accidents when traveling back and forth is unpredictable. There are so many factors that can bring homecomers into accidents, even driving at a normal speed and a fit body can still have an accident. This is why you need to insure your trip with Malacca Trust Insurance which will take care of the administration for disability costs such as loss of limbs or paralysis even to death and repatriation of bodies that occur during your homecoming trip. 

2. Get sick in the middle of the trip? Any hospital is ready to serve you

Homecoming is indeed exciting, but the body's readiness to face the risks is important. Travel fatigue is definitely experienced by travelers, but who would have thought that this fatigue could be the cause of other illnesses and what's even worse is that you fall ill in the middle of the trip that forces you to the nearest hospital. You don't need to worry about this, because the Best Private Insurance Company in Indonesia Malacca Trust will take care of the administration of your treatment and care at any hospital. 

3. Hit by a disaster? Your evacuation is the main thing

All risks can occur, including unpredictable natural disasters. Emergency assistance and evacuation will be immediately available by simply submitting your Malacca Trust travel insurance claim. Malacca is here to help you 24 hours worldwide*. 

4. Unintentional law violation? forgiven

Each region has its own rules. Sometimes, without us realizing it, we can violate these rules because we don't know about these regulations. And because of this unintentional mistake, the law will act. This is where the benefits of Malacca travel insurance can be felt, Malacca will take care of the costs that must be incurred for third parties, reimbursement of litigation costs and temporary prison exit costs for you. 

5. Problems with delays or your baggage/hand luggage? Leave the management to Malacca

You have prepared everything for your homecoming with your family, from plane tickets, travel documents, to luggage for souvenirs at home. It turned out that the trip was not as smooth as expected. Suddenly the airline delays or even cancels flights to your destination city with something, or the travel documents that have been prepared in advance are lost, or when you arrive at the destination city, your luggage that should be a souvenir is problematic. This is very unpleasant, all travelers want their journey to be smooth and safe to their destination, but this kind of risk is possible. You don't have to concern yourself with the care because Malacca will take care of it for you.

So, is it easier to go home if you use Malacca Trust travel insurance? Want to start insurance? Call and the Malacca Care Center will be at your service.