Most people think that using car insurance is not very important because it can be avoided by keeping auto parts functioning properly and of course by driving well. Unfortunately, the risk of accidents is unpredictable. Sometimes even when you drive well, accidents are unavoidable caused by various unexpected factors such as natural disasters or negligent drivers. This is why you should insure your car before it's too late.

Find out the best car insurance of your choice

Car insurance will protect the car from financial losses caused by unexpected risks by paying a premium according to the type of insurance chosen. Know in detail about the insurance of your choice before insuring your car and make sure you choose the right insurance. The right car insurance is insurance that has clear premiums and of course it is easy to make a car insurance claim anytime and anywhere. Such as Malacca Trust which has been trusted because it has become the oldest and best insurance in Indonesia so that its services are guaranteed.

What types of losses are covered by the insurance company

It is very important to know what losses will be covered by the vehicle insurance of your choice. There are so many choices of car insurance, but those that explain in detail and transparently are certainly not many. Malacca provides the information needed by its customers in a transparent, no-nonsense and open manner. All Risk Insurance Malacca Trust will cover the risk if the car is damaged due to a collision, collision, overturning, slipping, falling, misdemeanor, theft and fire comprehensively.

How about the TLO Insurance

Most insurances do not cover completely. However, Malacca car insurance provides comprehensive protection against loss due to theft and or damage where the repair costs are equal to or more than 75% of the vehicle price.

Is there any additional loss and damage coverage?

It is very important to know whether or not there is additional coverage caused by various types of losses. Most car insurance does not explain about this additional coverage before being asked by the customer, but Malacca car insurance provides detailed information about the additional coverage for losses caused by strikes, riots, riots, acts of terrorism and sabotage, and many more. other additional guarantees.

As long as the car is under repair, is there a replacement car?

The car is your mainstay of transportation which must always be ready to use at any time. Malacca Trust guarantees that the vehicle is repaired only at an authorized workshop quickly and as long as the vehicle is repaired you will be given a replacement vehicle so that you can continue to carry out your activities properly.

So, make sure you use the best car insurance to protect your beloved vehicle. Still confused?

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