How to remove scratches on a car - Scratches on a car are things that really interfere with the beauty of the exterior of your favorite car. These car scratches usually occur due to the narrow parking area, the car was hit (slightly touched) by another vehicle, hit by a tree branch, hit by a rough cloth and many other unexpected risks.

Although it can be repaired, how to remove scratches on car paint by repainting costs a lot, therefore many people are reluctant to go to a repair shop and prefer to remove the scratches themselves.

There are 3 types of scratches on cars:

  1. Light scratches, namely car scratches that do not hurt the paint layer.
  2. Medium scratches, namely car scratches that reach the base paint.
  3. Deep scratches, namely car scratches that penetrate the base paint layer and hit the metal of the car body.

Unfortunately only light scratches that you can handle yourself without having to repaint, because in the case of moderate scratches and scratches, repainting is the only solution that can be done. But of course by repainting only the scratched part, if the scratched part is the car door then you only need to paint the car door.

There are many ways to remove scratches on cars, such as using compound, wax, scratch remover, sandpaper, WD 40, detergent soap, mosquito repellent lotion, and scratch remover markers. But what is most often used as a car scratch or scratch remover is compound. Compound is an exterminator of scratches on paint, the way it works is by dissolving the paint around the scratch, until the scratch disappears and is covered by the surrounding paint. You can get car compounds at auto repair shops or auto parts stores.

How to remove scratches on a car:

  1. Clean the car's scratched surface using water to remove dust and paint from other surfaces that may still be stuck.
  2. Wipe the surface of the car to dry using a chamois cloth (chanebo cloth).
  3. Apply one of the scratch remover products to the car paint. If you're using a compound, apply the car compound to the affected area and its surroundings.
  4. After smeared with the compound, gently rub the surface of the car that is scratched and slightly pressed using a dry soft cloth.
  5. If the scratches on the car have started to disappear, give paint polish liquid. Work slowly with a soft cloth. Your car can be smooth again.

Compound commonly used to remove light scratches is a white compound. The white compound has strong abrading power. The use of white compound in a long time does not have a good impact on your car. For this reason, many recommend using a fine compound first, if the use of a fine compound is not efficient enough, then use a white compound.

If your car is back smooth, not only is it pleasing to the eye and you will be more confident, but the selling price of the car will be higher than it was when your car was still scratched. To continue to protect it from various other risks, it is highly recommended to register your car with the Malacca's All Risk Car Insurance product so that your car gets a comprehensive total protection.

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