Drowsiness can come anytime and anywhere regardless of conditions, and almost everyone experiences this when driving. Drowsiness usually comes due to feeling bored or bored while driving, especially if you are driving alone. Sleepiness is touted as one of the factors in traffic accidents that take so many victims, both single accidents and consecutive crashes. Drowsiness does come anytime and anywhere, however, you can avoid the drowsiness so it doesn't harm you. Check the following tips:

Make sure your body feels fit before leaving

A fit body is the main factor in maintaining balance in the body. Not only from the inside but also from the outside, so that your body feels fresher, do things like take a shower or wash your face before leaving. In addition to bathing and washing your face, you can do a little stretching to improve blood circulation, so it will be easier for you to focus because blood flows smoothly to your brain.

Eat and drink in moderation before driving

Most people often complain that they cannot concentrate properly when their stomach is hungry. However, did you know that a full or too full stomach can cause drowsiness because when the stomach is full, the body will work harder to digest, which is why the body will feel sleepy after eating. For this reason, in order to avoid drowsiness and interfere with concentration, eat and drink in moderation before driving.

Avoid Daydreams

Daydreaming often causes drowsiness to come because most daydreaming activities do not involve brain work. Daydreaming that usually causes sleepiness to come when driving is a lack of concentration or saturation. Often accidents occur because the driver is daydreaming because the track is too straight and smooth so it doesn't really need full concentration. Usually to avoid daydreaming, you can listen to music that is a little louder or the pop-rock or rock genre to get your adrenaline pumping.

Prepare enough mineral water

As we know that mineral water is water that contains minerals that provide therapeutic values ​​for the body. For this reason, mineral water is suitable for overcoming drowsiness and overcoming thirst, besides that you can use this mineral water to wash your face to reduce drowsiness and fatigue. Keep in mind, put this mineral water in a place that is easily accessible to you so you don't have to bother looking for a toilet just to wash your face.

Prepare Snacks

There's nothing wrong, you can do eating activities to get rid of drowsiness. But remember not to overdo it, if you have too much, you will be more sleepy. Eat healthy snacks such as snacks, fruit, or biscuits.

Open the Window

Drowsiness can indeed occur because the air circulation in the car is not good or the conditions in the cabin are cold and comfortable so that the body relaxes. For this reason, in order to improve air circulation in the car, open the windshield and then breathe in the air from outside.

Pull over to the Rest Area

If all of the above activities do not reduce your drowsiness, you should immediately pull over to rest because most sleepiness can be caused by physical or mental fatigue. You can simply rest your body or buy food and drink products to increase stamina.

As explained above, that drowsiness is one of the factors in traffic accidents that take so many victims, for that you are advised to carry out the activities of the 7 tips above and insure yourself or insure your car at the Best Insurance Company Malacca Trust Insurance.