At the end of September 2016, every Indonesian citizen who still has a regular KTP or Regional Identity Card is required to upgrade to an e-KTP on the grounds that the data from the e-KTP is more valid than the regional KTP.

This fact is reinforced by the existence of card authentication that uses biometrics for card verification and system validation through the introduction of physical characteristics or human behavior by scanning fingerprints from 10 fingers and the retina of the eye.

For those of you who are just about to make an e-KTP, here are the ways and procedures for making it that you have summarized.


  • Already 17 years old
  • Bring the necessary documents
  • Filling in form


  1. Bring a photocopy of Family Card (KK)
  2. Bring a cover letter from RT/RW
  3. Bring your old regional ID card
  4. Cannot be represented


  1. Take your queue number at the counter and wait for your queue number to be called
  2. Submit the prepared documents, including the old ID card
  3. Photo session
  4. Fingerprint scan of all 10 fingers
  5. Electronic signature
  6. Scan the iris, then re-record the electronic signature
  7. Done. You can wait for it to print

Isn't it easy to make? Immediately upgrade your ID card.