As we know, the online taxi phenomenon is currently rife in the public transportation industry in Indonesia. Online taxis are private vehicles that are rented to the public and how to order through an online system.

For those of you owners of online taxi vehicles whose cars are already insured, did you know that it turns out that private cars that are converted into online taxis are threatened with not getting compensation from the insurance company in the event of an accident.

Insurance is a profitable way of investing. The reason is, with insurance all your future risks have been borne by the guarantor only by paying a premium. There are many kinds of insurance products, including car insurance, travel insurance, transportation insurance, health insurance, property insurance, and many more.

In the previous article, we discussed what travel insurance is and how important it is to have in relation to the year-end holiday season. Well, in this scribble, we will discuss one insurance product that is no less important to have, namely car (vehicle) insurance.

Living in this instant era, it is as if we are "obligated" to have a motorized vehicle to support our daily activities. In fact, almost every family in Indonesia owns at least one motorized vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a car. With the increasing number of vehicles in Indonesia, even more so with the number of public vehicles, the volume of vehicles will increase which can also increase the risk of accidents or damage to vehicles.

This is reinforced by the data taken from the Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia from 2010 to 2014, the increase in the number of accidents tends to increase from year to year as shown in the infographic below.

Reflecting on the high number of accidents above, Indonesian people are now more aware of the importance of being careful when driving and also the importance of taking care of your favorite items such as your car. This is evidenced by the increasing number of Indonesian people who have registered in the car insurance program.

There are many benefits that you can get by registering with car insurance, one of which is that your car will be fully protected by the insurance company so that you no longer have to worry about losses incurred when things happen to your vehicle that are not desirable.

But what happens if a vehicle that already has car insurance is turned into an online taxi?

Yes, nowadays many people are tempted to enter the online taxi business for additional income. Not even a few conventional taxi drivers are willing to go out and credit cars to join online taxi companies such as Grabcar, Ubercar, Gocar, and others.

Indeed, in the process of buying a new vehicle, it is usually accompanied by a car insurance package, but in this package your car is registered as a private car, not as a commercial car.

If so, as explained above, car insurance could be threatened with failure if your personal vehicle is converted into a commercial vehicle.

Generally, every insurance company has set a policy for changing the function of this vehicle in the policy. However, you can still use the insurance even if your vehicle is commercialized by reporting it first to the insurance company. This is because the use of private vehicles is not allowed to receive a service fee if car insurance wants to continue to be used.

This report on the change from a private car to a commercial car needs to be done because there will be additional premium fees charged. However, the additional cost is not much, only around zero point a few percent of the premium depending on the vehicle model. Meanwhile, the process for submitting a claim remains the same. This is reasonable, because commercial cars are more at risk of having an accident than private vehicles.

A commercial car is a car that is used for work or business that makes a profit. Therefore, online taxis cannot be claimed as private cars. Not only private vehicles, but also insured official vehicles may not carry passengers or goods in exchange for services or rental fees. So that when an unwanted incident occurs, you will not receive compensation.

In contrast to a private vehicle which is only used for daily family needs without generating business profits, then you can make an insurance claim as a private car.

So basically, if you are going to keep converting your vehicle into a commercial car, don't forget to first change your personal car insurance to commercial car insurance so that you can still feel the benefits.