There are many factors that can affect your car insurance that you can't even easily control, such as your age, years of driving experience, occupation, and region of residence. However, if you are really serious about car insurance, there are several things you can do to reduce your premium costs.

1. Choose Your Car Carefully

The more expensive the vehicle, the higher the premium. The type of vehicle you drive can also make a big difference to the cost of auto insurance premiums. It is not only seen from how big the risk is when the vehicle is repaired, but also from the vehicle model that is considered to be at high risk of damage.

The insurance company itself has a vehicle model categorization based on the risk.

Sports car models with larger engines certainly have higher premium rates, insurance groups are more expensive. Meanwhile, smaller cars with better safety features are included in the more affordable insurance category.

If you're looking for a car to insure, you might consider buying one in the affordable or even lower group of insurance to help you save.

2. Keep the Vehicle Safe

The insurer will offer a more affordable premium if you do your best to keep the car out of harm's way. If possible, store your car in a secure garage rather than on the street in front of the house where it is easily accessible to thieves or vandals.

You can also reduce the premium rate for the best auto insurance by adding additional security features, such as an alarm or tracker.

3. Use Cars Wisely

Vehicle insurance premiums are usually more affordable if you drive fewer miles, because the more you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident.

Most people estimate their mileage when they get the best auto insurance quote, so make sure to give accurate predictions. Also, make sure you don't lie about mileage just to get cheap car insurance.

Because, this will affect your vehicle insurance claim later. If you submit a claim and the mileage does not match (different), it is likely that the car insurance claim will be rejected.

If you use a vehicle to go to work, the premium rate may be higher. It also depends on the job, for example if you are a shift worker and have to drive at night, this is more likely to be an accident.

4. Choose the Right Guarantee

Most insurance companies offer 3 levels of coverage: Third party, total lost only, and comprehensive.

Third party is the minimum level of guarantee offered. This policy only applies when you have an accident that also causes damage to someone else's vehicle, so you cannot file a claim for car damage yourself.

Total Lost Only car insurance is a guarantee when your car is damaged up to 75% or even lost.

While comprehensive car insurance will cover when your vehicle is damaged, from scratched body to dented bumper.

Each level of the best vehicle insurance has a different premium rate. You can also purchase additional protections, such as natural disasters, theft, riots, terrorism, and more.

In order to get a cheap car insurance premium and according to your needs, choose the right insurance for your situation.

5. Use the Black Box in the Car

This is a good way of securing. You can keep a small device in your car or download a smartphone app that can monitor the driver of your car.

This encourages safer drivers and also makes it easier for you to track the whereabouts of the vehicle when it is stolen. In this case, the insurance company will pay attention to your driving habits and can adjust the premium regularly based on the quality of driving. This method can also minimize your premium rate.

6. Add Driver's Name to the Policy

You may think of yourself as a safe driver, but your insurance company will consider you to be at high risk of an accident if you have recently passed the driver's license test, are under the age of 25, or previously had a claim.

If you fall under these criteria, you may be able to reduce your premium costs by adding the name of a responsible and experienced driver to your insurance policy, if they tend to use the car more often.

The addition of the driver's name on this policy is only to get a cheaper offer from the insurance.

7. Protect Your No-Claim Bonus

If you don't make a claim in every year, you may get a no-claim bonus. A maximum no-claim bonus (5-8 years, depending on provider) can save up to 80% on your premium costs.

While it may take some time, you can increase your chances of getting cheaper auto insurance in the future by protecting the no-claims bonus. You may have slightly increased your insurance costs at the moment, but you could feel great savings in the long run.

8. Choose the Best Car Insurance

One of the best ways to save on premium costs is to compare auto insurance. There are many best insurance companies in Indonesia that can be used as an option for the protection of your vehicle. Choose the best car insurance with cheap insurance premiums but the benefits are according to your needs.

Car insurance from Malacca Trust can be your best choice. In addition to low premium costs, the protection is also maximal and complex. The claim process is also very easy and can be done anytime & anywhere via the MalaccaEZ smartphone application.

Those are some tips for getting the best affordable car insurance premiums. Even though your car is covered with vehicle insurance, you are still the person who plays an important role in maintaining the safety and comfort of your favorite car.