[TIPS] - If you're a Google Search on mobile user and are planning a vacation trip, you will be pampered with a variety of convenience offered by Google in determining the location of a vacation destination. The holiday destination is shown complete with a variety of other information you need. Everything is just simply accessed through your gadget.

Google introduced a trip planner feature for mobile users called Destinations on Google. The features introduced after Google added the filter function on Google Flights website.

Destinations on Google are made in such a way to allow users to determine the purpose of the holiday. In addition, this application also planning process without requiring you to search a variety of things on different websites, just to get the most interesting location, the most appropriate date, and the cheapest price as well.

Just say goodbye to dozens of tabs in browsers that are usually opened when hunting all the info needed in planning a vacation. Now with Destinations on Google, you can only access Google Search on mobile browser, or through the application available for Android and iOS. It’s very simple.

Within the Google Search, just enter a vacation destination in the search box, followed by the word "destination" or "vacation". Specify the location (city), choose a date, compare their price range, make sure the number of personnel who will go, and you will be suggested an itinerary (vacation schedule or agenda on a daily basis) so you can plan more detail to visit every points of tourist sites without worry to miss.

Destinations on Google will make your vacation planning becomes much more fun because it's easier, time-saving, effort-saving, and cost-effective as well. Your vacation itself will be perfect if you already equip yourself with travel insurance protection. The house and all the property was already protected by property insurance. Have a perfect vacation planning!