Car Insurance

The most comprehensive car insurance available in Indonesia.

Car Insurance

The most comprehensive car insurance available in Indonesia.


Malacca Trust Car insurance is the best choice to protect your car from losses that are unexpected. Get the convenience and benefits in a transparent manner you can take.

Malacca Trust Car insurance provides two types of car insurance ie Comprehensive and Total Loss Only that you can select as needed with flexible protection.

Best Malacca Car Insurance advantages:

  • Replacement Car. Provision of replacement car during the vehicle repaired in the workshop
  • Authorized Workshop. Improvements in authorized workshops

We provide two types of Car insurance:

1. Comprehensive Insurance:

Provides protection to your car in full against damage due to collision, overturned, slip, fall, misconduct, theft, until the fires.

2. Total Loss Only / TLO Insurance:

Provides protection to your car due to theft or damage where the repairs cost the same or more than 75% above the price of the car.

Insured Vehicle type:

Applicable for private vehicle only (neither rent/rental nor public transportation) such as: Sedan, Minibus, Station Wagon, Jeep, and Long Jeep.

How Long Guarantee Period of Vehicle Insurance Coverage?

Guarantee Period: 1 year

How to Determine the price of coverage?

Guarantee price, Premium rates and or Claim based on the currency which is written in policy overview

Extension Coverage are :

Protection of your vehicle can also be expanded with an additional guarantee of loss or damage as a result of:

  • Strikes, riots, civil commotion, terrorist acts and sabotage
  • Natural disasters
  • Legal liability to third party liability
  • Personal accident for passengers and driver
  • Medical expenses due to accidents for passengers and driver


Car Insurance Malacca Trust


M-Speed is the maximum extension of the Comprehensive Car Insurance products.

The expansion of m-Speed covers your vehicle protection against:

  • Damage / loss on your vehicle due to collision, theft or other accidents (Comprehensive)
  • Riot, terrorism and sabotage (Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Terrorism and Sabotage / SRCCTS)
  • Theft / embezzlement by a private driver (Theft by Own Driver)
  • Flood
  • Natural disasters: hurricanes, earthquakes, and other (Act of God / AOG)
  • Claims of third parties, caused by an accident in a vehicle up to Rp. 75,000,000, - (Third Party Liability/TPL)
  • Crash driver and passenger in a vehicle up to Rp. 50.000.000, - (Personal Accident / PA)
  • Medical expenses of the driver and passenger in a vehicle up to Rp. 5.000.000, - (Medical Expense)
  • A replacement worth as a new car for less than 6 months vehicle (New for Old)

Vehicle Insurance Malacca Trust

Logo malacca EZ

malacca EZ is policy and claims management applications available for the Android™ operating system at the Google Play Store and the iOS operating system at the Apple Store.

malacca EZ Motor Vehicle Insurance Guarantee:

1. There are 2 options for vehicle insurance product (New car & used car) offer by malacca EZ

M-COM (Comprehensive) : 0-10 years vehicle
M-TLO (Total Loss Only) : 0-15 years vehicle

2. The number of guarantee that can be insured is IDR 100.000.000, - (minimum) for both New and used car.

3. By Using car insurance online malacca EZ, customer is free to choose the additional protection which is needed for their vehicle insurance policy, such as:

  • The responsibility of the 3rd party
  • A self-accident for the driver and the passenger
  • Riot and disturbance
  • Terrorism and Sabotage
  • Flood & Storm. 
  • Replacement Car
  • An authorize repair shop ATPM
  • Stealing by a private driver.

4. malacca EZ Features:

  • Towing Service.
  • Ambulance Service
  • Direct Claim report by the application
  • Check your vehicle repair status
  • Find Us: Customer can search for the nearest Malacca Trust Insurance embassy office, repair shop and other emergency number such as Malacca Care Center, Policeman, Ambulance and fire fighter
  • Reminder for the Vehicle Insurance Policy extension that due in the 2nd year, and so on
  • Percentage information of the Claim Ratio for Vehicle Insurance Policy Malacca Trust Insurance
  • ePromo: An interesting promo enjoyed by customer by buying Vehicle Insurance via malacca EZ
  • Public facility, using malacca EZ, customer is able to search for the information of the nearest location surrounding such as: ATM, Bank, Restaurant, Hospital, Police Office, etc.


For further information please contact :

Malacca Care Center 

+62 21 25 9898 35