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Admin - 29 Mar 2016

Keep Your House Safe While Traveling

Keep Your House Safe While Traveling

[TIPS] - Traveling with the whole family is certainly very pleasant, both outside the city or overseas as your destinations. But the joy you expect it can turn into the opposite, if you suddenly received bad news: a bad thing has been happened at your home, such as theft, fire, flood, or other bad news.

Even if you already have collateral such as property insurance, do not let it ruin your holiday. Make sure the house in a safe condition and ready to be left behind, before you set out to have fun. Consider the following tips in order to keep the house safe while you traveling.

Avoid House Looks Empty 
This is quite important: try to keep your home does not look empty. Of course in order not to attract the attention of thieves. Let the lamp on living room or family room stays on. Use automatic light sensor types for terrace, so it will turn off automatically every morning comes. Also try the old trick: put some slippers at the front door.

Stop All Posts
For a while, stop all kinds of items subscription, such as newspapers and magazines. Tell the newspapers and magazines agent to hold delivery. The piled ones on the terrace would be a sign that your house is empty.

Secure Electricity and Stove
Before leaving, disconnect all electrical plugs, except as required to keep up. Make sure to turn off the water pump. Do not forget to also unplug the stove gas regulator.

Engage Your Neighbor
If you have a neighbor who is reliable and dependable, you preferably leave your house keys to her or him. Why is this important? Yes, so if there is something important and urgent while traveling, she or he can help and access your home quickly.

Keep On Checking
Call your own home on a regular basis, ex: just once a day, while you are on traveling. If you have no maid at home, just make a call every 2-3 days to contact the neighbor where you put your keys. It is important to simply ascertain the condition of your house.

Wisely on Social Media 
It is okay if you always want to be updated everytime and everywhere, but do not be too easy to post something on a social media while traveling, ex: uploading pictures of your family while abroad via Instagram or Facebook. Maybe you do not realize that you have submitted news to the world that your house is empty.