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Admin - 03 Mar 2016

Traveling by Plane? It's Time to be a Smart Passenger!

[TIPS] - You may be planning to take time off for a holiday to Bali in commemoration of Nyepi. It can be with your family or just take a solo-traveling. Sure, it’s such an interesting Religious tourism. The tickets have been already confirmed, the hotel/inn has been fixed, and the luggage was ready to be brought.

In addition to already equip yourselves with the best protection of travel insurance, you also must be prepared to be a smart aircraft passenger. Why? There is no guarantee that even people have repeatedly boarded the plane, not necessarily to be a good passenger. For example, making a fuss because of coming late to the airport; or even violating the regulations annoy other passengers.

Certainly it’s very embarrassing if it happen to you. So, let's consider the following tips to become a ‘pioneer’ of smart passenger. If all passengers are like you, surely it will delight your traveling and holiday.

Come Early
You should arrive at the airport early, in order to ease your mind. After the check-in and boarding pass process, you can fill the time with a cup of coffee, chatting, reading books, or browsing through your gadget.

Wear Waist Bag
Bring a small bag or waist bag to carry a variety of small objects that are important and immediately needed, including tickets, passport, small amount of money (petty cash), pens, ID card, insurance cards, and keys. It will be very practical and quickly found.

Bring Goods You Need Only
For you and other passengers’ convenience, just carry the only goods you need to the cabin. Keep your valuable goods such as laptop, jewelry, and money into a small suitcase that is comfortable to carry or encouraged. The rest, leave to luggage after equipped with adequate security.

Turn off Your Mobilephone
When you enter the airplane cabin, especially when it’s already to take off, make sure you stop the communication activity through your mobile phone. Postpone your desire to be updated on social media. Immediately turn off, or at least choose to Airplane mode. It's all for the safety of you and other passengers.

Be Polite
When you queue to enter the plane and put luggage into the cabin baggage, just be patient and polite. If the baggage in front of you is fully filled, do not immediately call the stewardess shouted. Wait for her to look or closer, then you politely say these conditions. You will be respected and she will be happy to help.

Want to be a Hero?
Try to do this: If by chance you are sitting among the entourage of family, and one of them is separated, immediately offered to exchange the seat, so that they could gather. This small sacrifice you do will be very meaningful for them. After all, you do not suffer, do not you? You've become a hero!

Just Wait Until Stopped
After the plane landing, just stay in your seat. Wait for the lamp of seat belt sign is off, and the aircraft until it is completely stopped. Do not let looks tacky because you hurriedly stood up and took the bags from the cabin baggage.

Local Time
When arriving to the different-time location, immediately match your watch to the local time. Do not let miscommunication because of the time difference.