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Malacca Trust - 28 Aug 2016

Malacca Trust Insurance on Memes

Malacca Trust Insurance is already quite long trusted by the people, especially in Indonesia, as the best partner that provides solutions of guarantees and insurance. What is guaranteed and covered? So much!

Loss of cars (and other vehicles) or damage on a variety of reasons; fire houses and other dwellings; disaster while having a trip in the country and abroad, loss and damage of goods in a shipment; accidents that befall us while doing the work and various other activities; to adequate compensation as long as we were in the care in a hospital or in case of death; guaranteed and coverage that would be the best solution for the self-concerned and those around.

A positive image for the Malacca Insurance had already strongly formed in the minds of the Malacca's customers in particular, and society that takes benefits of insurance in general. Herewith a number of images with meaningful characters, or better known as MEME, in Bahasa. These are small depiction on the importance of insurance protection for ourselves, our families, and all the assets that we have, as well as educational media for all parties to be aware of insurance.


meme untuk nasabah malacca

meme fisik premi asuransi

meme hati tanpa asuransi

meme klaim asuransi

meme lamar anak cewek tanpa asuransi

meme pamer mobil tanpa asuransi

meme tua premi asuransi mahal

meme smart proteksi anak

meme asuransi rumah kebakaran

meme batman tampar robin asuransi