Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance commits to serve all consumers of insurance when there is a loss every time. No Hassle, for Sure is our slogan and we make it come true with mobile applications malacca EZ.

malacca EZ is management application for policy and claim that provides for Android™ operating system in Google Play Store and iOS operating system in Apple Store.

To be able to use this application, please download the Application using your Smartphone:

Download in Playstore or Download in Itunes

Using car insurance online malacca EZ you can claim your car insurance with ease including third party loss directly from your mobile Application anywhere and anytime. Certainly with a process very easy and fast!

Not only that, You can also find out the latest status of the car being repaired simply by entering the license plate and click Search, and you will receive the latest information from the Claim Tracking Management Systems in your mobile application.

Another benefit is you will receive a reminder of the policy extension automatically (if your policy period will end) to keep your car always be protected by Car Insurance from Malacca Trust Insurance.

If you want to order Car Insurance online products from your mobile application, you can just fill up some data and click submit to get the Cover Note and your car is protected by Car Insurance from Malacca Trust Insurance. e-Policy will be sent in few minutes!

Beside that malacca EZ also provides the facility of online travel insurance. Protecting and domestic travel within, to protect individual and family trips. Covering the risk of terrorism.

So if you do not have time to buy travel insurance directly, you can buy them through the application malacca EZ insurance premiums and make payments easily and securely via credit card facilities.

Download malacca EZ to enjoy the insurance ease and comfort!

For further information please contact:
Malacca Care Center 

+62 21 25 9898 35

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